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We are always striving to improve “Dancing on the Northshore” by helping to spread the most pertinent information to those who need it and want it.

To me dancing has always been more than just a fun hobby. It has been a passion; an avenue of self expression; a framework of confidence that I needed to build my self-esteem. It is an endless journey, stretching and molding me into a higher quality person, more self-assured and personable.

Even better- Dancing is something I can learn AND ACTUALLY USE frequently. Before dancing, I had studied martial arts. Martial arts afford many a level of self-confidence by instilling discipline and dedication to learn to protect oneself against an attacker. It’s a great feeling to know that I could protect myself if the need ever arose. HOWEVER, I have never been in a fight, and I rarely have the opportunity to get into a fight.

Personally, I want to dedicate my time and energy into something that applies directly to my day-to-day interactions with others: Dancing.