Wedding Dance – Creating an effortless style and grace on the dance floor

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Getting Married? Your first dance as husband and wife is very special, and we take great care to ensure that you are confident and comfortable, with a fantastic and exciting wedding dance! Your first dance together will be a highlight of your wedding, complete with great memories and pictures.

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First Thing’s First

When choosing your wedding dance, start out with a great song. If you already have a song, we will tailor your dance around your special song. Not sure which is right for you? Let us help! We can help pick a song and dance that’s sure to be unforgettable.

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One Important Decision

There are two main ways to craft a great first dance: fully choreographed or loosely choreographed. Which one is right for you? If you have your song picked out and prefer to know exactly when to step and where from start to finish, then fully- choreographed is right for you. Be prepared to set aside some extra time for practice

If your wedding is drawing near and you feel like you would be more comfortable with a few patterns that you and your fiancee can comfortably mix and match to confidently craft your first dance on the fly (think social dancing), then loosely choreographed is probably right for you. This option requires less time and practice than a fully-choreographed wedding routine.

Whether you want to learn a choreographed routine to a specific song, or just some foundational dance skills, we can help you achieve your goal. Look and feel great for your first special dance. Contact Us Now to talk more about which choice is right for you.

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What We Offer

Hourly Private Lessons No Minimum purchase, just pay for the time we spend working together $60/lesson

Performance Package ($500) If you choose to choreograph a routine, we recommend a minimum of ten lessons. Within these ten lessons, we will use your song and work on the best social dance techniques, choreograph a routine that’s comfortable for you, and make you shine on the dance floor to give you a special dance that you won’t forget. Would you like more practice? Hourly private lessons are available at a rate of $60 each.

Social Package ($275) If you would prefer to not be confined to a specific set of patterns, we can work on foundational social dance skills. Learn the skills that will have people asking whether you spent months practicing for your first dance. How is that possible? We teach you the language all ballroom dancers learn to secretly communicate with their partners on the dance floor. 5 sessions.

Wedding Party Package ($15 per person, minimum of 6 people) Bring in your mom and dad, groomsmen and maids of honor, to get them all in step, with our foundational wedding dance sampler. The wedding party will learn basic patterns in several social dances, how to listen for a danceable song, and how to improvise steps on the dance floor without missing a beat! We recommend at least five lessons to attain comfort on the dance floor, but we do not require a minimum number of lessons purchased for a wedding party.