The power to control the world- Musings of a film buff

“In which finger is the power to control the world?” ~ High Aldwin, “Willow”

As village sorcerer posed the question to each candidate wanting to be his apprentice, a finger would be chosen and put down with a slow shake of the head. Finally, it was Willow’s turn. He hesitated and finally chose the final wrong answer.

“No apprentice this year!”

See that scene here

What really struck me as interesting about this interaction is the discussion that follows:


In a nutshell, Willow’s hesitation was that he should choose his own fingers. That was the correct answer!

I like to think of this story when looking at leading turns. My hand has the power to invite her to go farther away or closer in, to go left or right, quick or slow.

So, if the lady is too close, I’ll send my hand out a little bit farther, or if she’s too far away, I’ll reel it back in for future turns.

Dance is an art- you are working together to create something magnificent.