The Perfect Circle

Many people who are interested in learning to dance have ideas of how they want to learn. Whether they want the economy and socialization of group classes or the discretion and personal attention in private lessons, set their sights on the goal and call a local studio.

Each avenue of dancing has its benefits, its shortcomings, and its place in the perfect circle.
~Group lessons are great for meeting new friends and learning to lead and follow while gaining a basic understanding of a dance or pattern. Because of the nature of group lessons, they cannot be individually tailored.
~While private lessons offer much flexibility in pace and material (that’s being taught), it cannot offer access to a variety of partners. So private lessons cannot instill the practical practice of leading and following in a class atmosphere.
~Dance parties are great for practice and socialization. Dance parties, however, are no place to learn patterns. There’s just not enough time!!

Private Lessons– Accommodates your schedule, allows to speed through patterns faster than group classes or slow down to dwell on important issues, can cover more in-depth material than groups, discrete and private

Group Lessons– Lots of fun learning with others who are in the same boat (same level and experience), run through patterns in a particular dance style, least expensive option, great for hands-on lead/follow learning and practice

Dance Parties
– Practice! Practice! Practice!, variety of great music, free snacks (usually), less expensive than a movie, fun with other dance enthusiasts, the best way to validate your time and money spent on lessons

There is no “one best way” to learn to dance. The only best way is to take all three and combine them into a synergistic program that works like this: Attend a group class to learn a pattern. Take a private lesson to learn the best way to enhance or embellish your new pattern. Go to a dance party and practice (show off) your newly-polished pattern.

These are not the only considerations- just a few things to think about when deciding how best to hop into dancing on the right foot (excuse the pun).
Happy dancing!