The “Bees’ Knees!”

Bees are fascinating creatures, that are so small, so aggravating (when they sting you), and yet so vital to the plants of the world. Why? To continue growing and creating new plants- baby plants- flowers need to be pollinated. Bees do this by spreading the love from flower to flower, helping to keep our plants coming back year after year, as vibrant as ever.

Dancing is much the same way. The best dancers realize that dances become stale without new ideas and innovations from other dance communities. In my humble opinion, the Lindy Hop world has the right idea. They host “exchanges” where dancers from around the country and world come to one city, where the local dancers open their houses and organize special dance events for the dance guests. They are week-long parties.

The dancers who travel into town, bring with them their own unique views, stylization, and quirks; and take with them some of the flavor of the host city. These exchanges enrich the dance styles and personalities of everyone involved, from the host community, who gets fresh ideas and styles delivered right to their front door, to the traveling guests, who are permeated with the culture of the host town (taking some new ideas to their own homes). It’s a relatively inexpensive way to promote fresh dancing- to enrich dance communities everywhere.

Thought for the day: Go out dancing somewhere new. It may be in another country or the next city over. When you experience something new, it could have profound impact on your dance ability