Private lessons top 10

Top ten reasons to take private ballroom dance lessons at Mandeville Ballroom Dance Studio:

1) No Contracts! 
2) Pay as you go
3) Flexible schedule
4) Focus on your personal goals
5) No switching partners
6) No waiting for a group class that suits you.
7) Progress and improve faster than group class.
8) Slow down and fully understand the answers to your questions.
9) Learn a new dance routine for performance or competition.
10) Shine! Group classes can’t be all things to all people, but private lessons do a great job of filling in those gaps.
Everyone is different. Different strengths, weaknesses, different features. Dance styles, dance patterns, and embellishments are tailored to the music selection, but also to the individual dancer, designed to help you put your best foot forward.

Ready to take the plunge? Call or text 985-966-0178 to set up a time or click here to book online!