Overcoming fear

Peering from the dark corner of the dance club, as far from the dance floor as one could be, I watched all the fabulous dancers enjoying song after song. Performance anxiety: I was far too new to dance to make it through a foxtrot or waltz without boring one of these ladies! How frustrating it… Read more Overcoming fear

The Perfect Circle

Many people who are interested in learning to dance have ideas of how they want to learn. Whether they want the economy and socialization of group classes or the discretion and personal attention in private lessons, set their sights on the goal and call a local studio. Each avenue of dancing has its benefits, its… Read more The Perfect Circle

The “Bees’ Knees!”

Bees are fascinating creatures, that are so small, so aggravating (when they sting you), and yet so vital to the plants of the world. Why? To continue growing and creating new plants- baby plants- flowers need to be pollinated. Bees do this by spreading the love from flower to flower, helping to keep our plants… Read more The “Bees’ Knees!”