Private lessons top 10

Top ten reasons to take private ballroom dance lessons at Mandeville Ballroom Dance Studio: 1) No Contracts!  2) Pay as you go 3) Flexible schedule 4) Focus on your personal goals 5) No switching partners 6) No waiting for a group class that suits you. 7) Progress and improve faster than group class. 8) Slow… Read more Private lessons top 10

Group class top 8

Top 8 reasons to join group classes at Mandeville Ballroom Dance Studio. 1) Fun –  Dancing is fun! Good fun is better in good company.  2) Easy –  Group classes are good for learning new patterns, with less emphasis on technique and progression.  3) Inexpensive –  No doubt, getting together with a group of people… Read more Group class top 8

Now let’s add frame!

Frame- everybody has an idea of what a dance frame is supposed to be. Good, bad, and ugly, dancing saturates our media. Different dances need different frames, with slight variations, and different dancers have their own preferences. So let’s talk through a good social dance frame- it’s a generic frame, covering all the important points… Read more Now let’s add frame!