Overcoming fear

Peering from the dark corner of the dance club, as far from the dance floor as one could be, I watched all the fabulous dancers enjoying song after song.

Performance anxiety: I was far too new to dance to make it through a foxtrot or waltz without boring one of these ladies! How frustrating it was to watch and compare my own inadequacy to the style and grace of those who were smiling on the floor.
Then I caught out of the corner of my eye someone heading toward my dark corner. Oh no! She’s going to ask me to dance with her! The first person to get a taste of my lacking dance skills.
I quickly apologized, including the disclaimer that I was just a beginner (a mantra that persisted for at least 2 years)
She replied with the standard response: everyone starts somewhere.
I won’t lie- it’s scary starting any new endeavor; especially one that carries the potential to put your mistakes and shortcomings in display- to have others reject you! But once you step past your thoughts and fears, you find that your fears are not largely realized.