Peer into the world of ballroom dancing at Mandeville Ballroom Dance Studio. This is your chance to plan for private lessons, group classes, dance parties, competitions and special events and workshops!
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Inside the Studio: May 2017 Edition
Some exciting things are coming up in the month of May. We are looking forward to new classes, dance performances, parties, and we are one month closer to All Star Dance Camp.
This time last year, we were gearing up for our annual performance set at Saturday Night Ballroom in Baton Rouge. THIS SATURDAY, we are back at it! Plan to atttend SNB this Saturday night to enjoy an evening of great music and fabulous dance friends, and cheer for your fellow dancers who are out there performing!
Mandeville Ballroom Dancers

Blast from the past! (SNB 2016)

Check out our new classes and and other dance opportunities now!
Ballroom Sampler Class- Tuesday 7
The beginner group series is going strong! In this class series, you can learn the basics of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing- have a blast learning with other dance enthusiasts! Print a Flyer for your friends
May 02 – CHA CHA
May 09 – SWING
May 16 – WALTZ
May 23 – RUMBA
May 30 – FOXTROT
New Monday Program
May 8– Beginner Salsa (7pm)
May 8– Intermediate Rumba (8pm)
This 8 week beginner series covers a single style for an entire 2 month period. Progress from the basic, through many basic figures and develop a good level of comfort and understanding of one single dance.
No Prerequisite Needed! Once you finish the 7pm class, jump straight into our 8 week intermediate series (Mondays at 8pm and spend 8 more weeks delving deeper into the dance style.
Each 8 week class series is $100 per person. Call or text 985-966-0178 for more info.
Intermediate Group Classes: TANGO (Begins May 16)
Here, we delve into the TANGO for a full eight weeks, progressing each class into a short TANGO dance routine. With this this routine format, we can explore school figures and artistry, refreshing prior patterns and learning new ones as we go along. This class is $100 per person and requires completion of the Beginner Program or private lesson equivalent.
Every Tuesday at 8pm for 8 weeks
Dance Parties! (May 13)
One of my first questions when I began my journey into ballroom dancing was, “Where can I use this?”
At the time, I had to travel to the Southshore or Baton Rouge to find quality Ballroom dance parties. But you have the opportunity to enjoy great music and friends without the extra travel time!
Private Dance Lessons
Private Lessons
Any time! Any Dance! If you would like a more personalized dance experience, focusing on a special dance or personalized routine, schedule private dance lessons. All the best dancers agree, private lessons are the best way to quickly learn and perfect your dance steps.


Showcase of Ballroom September 15, 2017
In Honor of National Ballroom Dance Week 2017, we are planning another blowout dance showcase! Last year many people came to enjoy our student performances. We are currently crafting new showcase performances to tickle your fancy! More information will be available ASAP. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.