How to get the most out of your private lessons

Private lessons tend to be more expensive per session than group classes. The personalized experience makes the price worthwhile, and can even be a better value than group lessons! Here’s how to make sure you get the most out of your private lesson time.

1) Have a plan- and talk to your instructor before the lesson so they can also prepare for it. Going into a private lesson focusing on a single dance, style, or element will give you the quickest start.
2) write down any questions, comments, or focus points prior to your lesson and bring them with you.
3) have a short-term goal. If you are working toward a competition, performance, or wedding dance, it’s always easier to keep that short term goal in mind as you learn and practice, rather than a nebulous “I want to be a good dancer.”
4) practice what you worked on. Practice will open up new questions for your next session and it will also allow you to move on in your training rather than rehashing all the same information from the last private session.
5) dress for the occasion- wear athletic or dance attire to allow for the greatest  mobility during your lesson
5b) for wedding dances and closer to performance time- wear what you will actually wear or similar. If you will be performing in 4 inch stilettos, don’t practice in flip flops. Get comfortable in the way your costume and shoes feel, how they affect movement, and if necessary, adjust your outfit or routine to suit.