Group class top 8

Top 8 reasons to join group classes at Mandeville Ballroom Dance Studio.

1) Fun – 

Dancing is fun! Good fun is better in good company. 

2) Easy –

 Group classes are good for learning new patterns, with less emphasis on technique and progression. 

3) Inexpensive – 

No doubt, getting together with a group of people brings everyone’s cost down to a much more palatable level, especially in the beginning stages of dance training. Think $50 per person per month. 

4) Make new friends –

 No Partner, no problem! We always rotate partners, which encourages a healthy cross-training environment. It also facilitates meeting new people and making friends, regardless of whether you come with your own partner.

5) Accountability – 

You know that once every week, there is a class that you’ve already paid for and dance friends who will wonder where you are if you didn’t make it to class. That provides for some accountability. Additionally, you can get together with others from class to go over class material outside of, before, or after, classes.

6) Learn what dance is all about (Quick Start – Tuesdays 7pm) – ($100 enrollment)


This class is a series of 8 lessons covering one dance each week, in the following order:
Waltz, Rumba, Foxtrot, Salsa, Night Club 2 Step, Tango, Cha Cha, Swing
This class is designed to give you an introductory-level understanding of the most popular and useful social dances. Because of the structure of this class, you can start anytime or even try a class for $15. 
Once you have taken all the classes, you can retake the course free of charge to become more comfortable with your basics. This is great for those who want to find out what dance is all about in a group setting.

7) Deepen your understanding. (4 Week – Monday classes)

Want more focus on a single dance style? This class is for you!

This beginner class $50 per person (mondays, 7pm) is a series of 4 lessons covering one dance style. progress through four weeks of a single style, so registration is only open the first week of each month. For those who have taken the Beginner series (or even those who haven’t), this is the class you’ve been asking for: Spend one month studying a single style of social dance. Perfect for expanding your social dance repertoire. $50 per person per month. 

8) Take it to the next level (Intermediate)

The intermediate class is currently Tuesdays at 8, and are open to those who have completed the beginner group course or who have achieved comfortable basic skills through private lessons. In the intermediate classes we delve into one dance for 8 weeks. Each class material is based on the material covered in the class prior to that, so intermediate classes are only available as a series. $100

Ready to jump right in and join the fun? Click here to register or email to sign up!