Exciting NEW Group Classes and Workshops – 2017

Three things I’d like to stress in this Post:

  1. New group classes as they are laid out tentatively for the year
  2. New monthly workshops
  3. Showcase, dance camp, and other important dates you need to know

New Monday Classes

In 2017, I am planning to add a new curriculum and structure to our Monday group classes, and I hope to expand to offer other nights and classes as well.

Beginning in January, our Monday classes will be 8 week series. We willl have the 7pm beginner class, which is open to everyone. This class will cover beginning material, pattern by pattern, with a new pattern each week. Once this class comes to an end, you will have the option to continue into an intermediate class, Mondays at 8pm, where we will jump off from our beginner material and get into more fun elements of the dance.

While the former style of dance moves from 7pm and continues into an 8pm intermediate class, the beginner 7pm class will continue to focus on a new dance style for the next 8 weeks.(See calendar below for full year of classes)


In addition to having new classes, we will be covering special topics in monthly workshops. Topics may include and are tentatively laid out for the year below. These workshops will be $25 per person for 90 minutes intervals. I’m also open to discussing ¬†other topics.

2017 Class Calendar (Tentative)

level 1 7 WALTZ SAMPLER Hearing Music
level 2 8 NC2S CHA CHA Floorcraft
level 1 7 RUMBA SAMPLER Latin Motion
level 2 8 WALTZ SWING Pivots/spins
level 1 7 FOXTROT SAMPLER Musical Structure
level 2 8 RUMBA SALSA Smooth technique
level 1 7 SWING SAMPLER Rhythm connection
level 2 8 FOXTROT WALTZ Smooth Connection
level 1 7 TANGO SAMPLER Arm Styling
level 2 8 SWING RUMBA Variations
level 1 7 CHA CHA SAMPLER Floorcraft
level 2 8 TANGO NC2S Cha Cha Styling

(NOTE: Tuesdays will remain the same 7pm Sampler and 8pm Intermediate 8 week series.

Important dates you need to put on your calendar

  1. 9th Anniversary Showcase- March 10
  2. All Star Dance Camp- July 16-20
  3. NBDW Showcase- September 15