Dance Shoes of Tennessee Coming to Mandeville March 3-4 2017

You want a new pair of dance shoes, but you need to try them on without shipping in several pairs at once. Enter Dance Shoes of Tennessee, a ballroom dance shoe store which will be in town in March. Read the info below and touch base with them if you have any questions or requests.


Hi Aaron!

We wanted to follow up and provide additional information about the LA Square Round Dance Convention.  It is at the

Castine Center at Pelican Park  63350 Pelican Blvd, Mandeville, LA 70448.  We are scheduled to be there Friday and Saturday March 3 & 4.

We would invite and welcome your dancers to come by and visit/shop with us at any time during the weekend.  All they need to do is indicate they are shopping with us and no registration will be required.  We would be delighted to assist them and we’ll have a full inventory of shoes with us.

The following links give additional information about the convention.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to let us know!  Hope to see you sometime during the weekend!


Most Sincerely,


John & Patsy



John & Patsy Wilson

Owners, Dance Shoes of Tennessee

170 Sturbridge Dr.

Franklin, Tennessee  37064